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Award Winning Concrete and Gunite Pools

Concrete Pool InstallationWith our vast experience and knowledge in the design and construction of concrete pools, PPL has established a variety of effective methonds to contract out your commercial pool project.

Depending on the size and budget PPL Group can provide a Turn-Key project or work  with the General Contractor or as a subcontractor to the Mechanical Contractor.


Concrete Poured Pools



Gunite Pools

Gunite is a specially formulated concrete under high pressure over a web of structural steel bars. This spray-in-place process if often referred to as gunite or shotcrete, depending on the equipment. The result is a monolithic structure - one continuous surface with no seams - that will withstand earth movement and the test of time. The interior surface is then coated with one of an endless array of coatings. Decorative tiles and coping are all available in wide selection of options. Periodic surface refinishing is recommended to keep the pool looking its best, with timing of this dependent on the coating and pool environment. 





Paint - Cheapest but needs re-applying every few years. Rubber based is longer lasting than water based, however may be harder to repaint. Finished surface usually non-slip.

Tiling an outdoor pool

Marblite - Marble based cement plaster to produce a smooth finish. Attractive when newly polished but porous and prone to permanent staining and problems if the acid/alkali balance of the water is not maintained correctly. It is not possible to mosaic a marbelite surface because tiles won't stick.

Tiles - Ceramic or glass tiles come in a wide variety of colours and textures. They can create superb individual finishes and lovely tile bands and with computer aided design we can reproduce your own personalised touches (depending on codes). Most commonly tile is used at the top of the pool along with covestones to form a clean appearance and reduce wear and tear.  


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